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Annoucement for new Batch schedule for all course


Announcement for new Batch……….. Intersoft would like to Announce its New Batch Schedule for all course Company Profile: Intersoft Institute is a leading training centre for Laptops, Mobiles and desktop, computer has now launched online training too. We are pioneers in providing quality education along with complete practical knowledge and we are known for converting students into working professionals. Our main aim is to extend our best technical and practical knowledge of chip level repairing of laptops, computers and mobiles all over the globe. Courses Available: Computer Repairing Course v  Module 1-computer basic hardware A+ v  Module 2-Chip level Training […]

Installing iPad 3G LCD

Installing iPad 3G LCD

Step 1 — Display Assembly  The iPad shown in the photos may look slightly different from your iPad, but the procedure is the same. Insert a metal spudger between the right edge of the display assembly and the rear panel assembly. Rotate the spudger away from you to release the tabs along the top edge of the display   Step 2  Insert a second metal spudger between the top edge of the display assembly and the rear panel assembly to keep the tabs from snapping back into place. Pry the display assembly away from the rear panel. . Step 3  Continue […]

Installing iMac G5 17″ Model A1058 Power Supply

Installing iMac G5 17" Model A1058 Power Supply

Step 1 — Rear Panel  Lay the iMac display-side down on a flat surface. Loosen the three Phillips screws securing the rear panel to the iMac. These screws are captive in the iMac. The center screw will stop turning after about 3.5 turns and the outer screws will stop turning after about 5.5 turns. Do not try to remove these screws from your iMac.  Step 2  Lift the rear panel slightly from the bottom edge of the iMac. Pull the rear panel toward yourself and remove it from the iMac. Step 3 — Power Supply   Rotate the center Phillips screw on the […]