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Annoucement for new Batch schedule for all course


Announcement for new Batch……….. Intersoft would like to Announce its New Batch Schedule for all course Company Profile: Intersoft Institute is a leading training centre for Laptops, Mobiles and desktop, computer has now launched online training too. We are pioneers in providing quality education along with complete practical knowledge and we are known for converting students into working professionals. Our main aim is to extend our best technical and practical knowledge of chip level repairing of laptops, computers and mobiles all over the globe. Courses Available: Computer Repairing Course v  Module 1-computer basic hardware A+ v  Module 2-Chip level Training […]

Some of the terms used by techs and myself:

data recovery

  Dead: Means No Power, No Lights, No Charge Light. Check DC Jack, test with known good battery No Power/No Lights: The unit will work from charged battery, but not from AC. Some light may be on. Check DC Jack. When you move the charge plug with battery installed, the charge light may come on intermittently. This is caused by a cold solder joint on the DC Jack, or bad contact inside the jack. No Power/With Lights: If you hold the plug at an angle, the unit will come on, but letting go of plug it shuts down. Check DC Jack […]