Tips for Lenovo Laptop Battery

Your Lenovo Laptop Battery Won’t Charge
We’ll cover the dumb questions first;

  • Is the AC adapter plugged into the wall?
  • Is there power at the wall outlet?

OK, we’ve gotten those two out of the way.

  • Remove the battery and turn on the laptop. Does it start up? If it doesn’t the problem may be in the adapter or the machine itself.
  • Does the battery feel hot? The batteries won’t accept a charge if they’re too hot. Remove it and let it cool and re-install, if it still won’t charge then it needs some attention.

The Life And Capacity Of Your Battery Has Decreased
It’s normal for all batteries to lose some capacity over time. A tiny amount of capacity is lost every time your battery is discharged and then recharged.

Using an aggressive power scheme may allow you to recover some of your battery’s capacity. Keep your BIOS up to date, some updates include enhancements for power management. Some Lenovo systems also have specific tools to manage battery life.

To find files and drivers for your Thinkpad system, go to the software and device driver file matrix and click the link for your machine.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) can be conditioned to help recover their capacity. To do this completely discharge (deep discharge) and then recharge them every couple of months.
Note: Do not do this to Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries as it will damage them.

The Battery Won’t Charge In The Usual Time With The Laptop Off
The battery may be over-discharged.

  • Turn off the machine with the battery installed.
  • Plug in the AC adapter and let it charge.
  • If the battery won’t fully charge within 24 hours it will probably need replacing.

The Battery Is Discharging Even Though The System Is Turned Off And Unplugged
This may not be a fault as such, the battery will run down regardless because the laptop will draw a small amount of current over time. The problem may be exacerbated if the battery you’re using has lost part of its capacity to hold a full charge anyway because of age and use.

The Laptop Shuts Down Before, Or Continues To Operate After, The Battery Indicator Shows Empty
This can happen because the battery level isn’t aligned with what the system thinks the battery is holding. To try and correct it discharge the battery completely and then fully recharge it.

The Laptop Won’t Start Even Though The Battery Is Fully Charged
This can happen if the surge protection in the battery has been activated. Disconnect the machine from the AC adapter for a full minute and then reconnect and try booting the machine.

Check The Lenovo Laptop Battery Status Indicator
The battery status indicator will usually be illuminated when ever the battery is installed and the machine is on, or if the machine is off but the AC adapter is connected and the battery is charging. It will be either green or orange and may be on solid or blinking depending on whether the laptop is running off the battery with the adapter unplugged, is running on the AC adapter but is charging the battery or is running on AC and the battery is fully charged.

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